Lenovo z51-70 owners please help


Jan 17, 2017
Hi there,

I wanted to change primary video card in BIOS to Radeon and I choose PCI graphics by mistake.

My display is now dark. I tried to connect it via hdmi to external monitor and still dark.

By any chance someone with z51-70 could tell me how to reset the bios to default by going blind?
I just need the key combination. Like press power button, FN+F2 to enter bios and then.....

PS: I am aware about resetting cmos battery but I don't want to open the laptop since is not mine and is still in warranty. Beside that I heard other people did this and bios still didn't reset.


Jan 17, 2017
thank you greycatz for your detailed reply.
I tried your way but no luck
However I was lucky enough to unbrick it without novo button.

the steps:
hit power button
hit fast fn+f2 to enter bios
fn+f9 (load defaults) enter
fn+f10(save and exit) enter

After this, the laptop rebooted and I got image :D



Hello, Christian:

While you can use (Fn) F2 to enter the BIOS menu, you need to be very quick out the gate - and most likely you'll miss it. Besides, most Lenovos come with a dedicated Novo button. On the Z51-70 the Novo button is located in a very small hole on the left side, right next to the 2 USB ports. There's an icon that looks like a curved arrow. Unfold a paperclip and press the button for 4 - 5 seconds.

After another 4 - 5 seconds, this will bring up a very basic menu (which you can't see) with 4 options:
- Normal Startup (that's the high-lighted option),
- BIOS Setup,
- Boot menu,
- System recovery.

(Normally, I'd recommend a System recovery but the OneKey Recovery feature is mouse-based - you can't use the keyboard at all, and your chances of hitting a small OK button on a black screen with your mouse are virtually nil.)

So back to the Novo menu:
Using the Arrow-down key, scroll down 1 time to access the BIOS menu. By default, you are on the Information tab. Use the Arrow-right key 1 time to open the Configuration tab.

By default, the cursor has high-lighted the System time option. Use the Arrow-down key 4 times to high-light Graphic device and press Enter.

The high-lighted option is UMA graphics. Use the Arrow-down key 1 time to select Switchable graphics and press Enter.
Press F10 (Save and Exit) and press Enter to confirm. The system will restart hopefully using your Radeon card.

Best of luck,

Note: If this doesn't work, I'm afraid you (or the owner) need to contact Lenovo. Since this is not a technical malfunction with the computer, it won't be covered by the warranty and they will most likely charge you for this.



Glad to hear that you got the machine back on track! Now that you mention it, I forgot about the Reload defaults - clearly a great feature I'll keep in mind.

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