Lenovo z710 usb 3.0 external hdd disconnecting.


Oct 8, 2015
Hello, I'm new to this community and decided to post this here since I'm out of ideas.

It's my Lenovo Z710 on Windows 10. After I replaced my HDD with a SSD I put it in an external container that supports USB 3.0 but when I plug it in it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting all the time. Sometimes it lasts for 5-10 minutes while sometimes it happens a couple of times in 10 seconds. It's really annoying since I have to use it on my USB 2.0 port (which works fine) until I find a solution.

It's not the port, it's not the cable and it's not the HDD's fault. I tried it on another laptop and it worked just fine. I also tried my friend's HDD on my laptop and it worked fine as well.

Solutions that I've tried, but with no luck:

-Power settings, disabled USB selective suspend.
-Unticked "Allow computer to turn off this drive..." on all USB Root Hub devices under device Manager.
-Installed latest drivers from Lenovo.
-Removed all USB drivers and had Microsoft install them.

Thanks in advance,


Since this only happens with that drive on the usb3 port, I'd say the controller of the enclosure has issues with the port on your system. Is the other port on the other laptop USB3 also? You can try a BIOS update as well as the drivers, chipset also if you did not try that. Next step would be to try a different model of enclosure.