Lens to achieve "Super 35" film look on Canon 70D (APS-C sensor)?

A Furry Peanut

Jan 11, 2016
I'v been reading almost everywhere that I need a 28mm lens with an APS-C sensor since it's crop factor is similar to that of a super 35 sensor.
But upon further research I found that a super 35 has a crop of 1.4 so 1.4 x 28mm = 39.2mm; as for APS-C it would be 1.6 x 28mm = 44.8mm,
but what if I chose a 25mm lens for APS-C so therefore 1.6 x 25mm = 40mm,
or a 24mm lens -> 1.6 x 24mm = 38.4mm
So with those calculations wouldn't it make more sense to get a 25mm or a 24mm since they come closer to Super 35's "39.2mm" thingy?
As for why many articles are using 28mm it's because many critically acclaimed directors said that 28mm was their favorite lens to use while using the Super 35mm.
Also I know that APS-C can have a crop factor of 1.5x but since I am using a 70D I'm going by its crop factor of 1.6x


Looks like you need a lot more studying if you think anyone uses just one lens! Sure 28mm might be their favorite, but I doubt even their favorite lens was used for more than 50% of the shots. For now, use your current lenses and see what YOU like. If you have a kit lens (18-55), just tape it to 24mm and see how that works out for you. If you really like that (I think most people would find it a bit too wide for anything but whole scene shots), consider these (in order of quality):
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