Question LG 43UK6300PLB TV unrecognized by PC anymore

Aug 14, 2023

Up to this point, I was using my TV with wifi on so I could cast my PC up to it. It worked without any trouble for several months, and before that I was using an HDMI cable which was fine too (but boring cables!).

Yesterday, without any apparent reason, the PC would not have the TV in the "connect" section, and I can't see to be able to pair them again. I don't see what could cause this and it's driving me nuts. If anyone has had that issue or is knowledgeable enough to have some ideas, please help me.

-> Both TV and PC are on the same wifi
-> I tried doing a wired connection
-> I tried using an HDMI again (with HDMI, the PC sees the TV but no signal comes up to the TV).
-> Both devices are up to date.

Edit: Just adding that the PC actually know the TV is there because when I use the "cast" option on Google Chrome, the PC is displayed.

Edit 2: I can cast off youtube from PC to TV. And it works. Only the screenshare option (which is the one I need) actually doesn't work.
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