Question LG 50LN5310 - No Backlight - Sound Works

Jan 26, 2022
Hi there!

First time posting and hopefully can obtain some help with this one :)

I have a LG 50LN5310 LED TV with no backlight but sound works.

Was gaming away when all of a sudden the screen went dark but I could still hear everything that was going on. Shut off the lights and pushed the power button and I got a quick flash from the backlights but that is all.
Used a flashlight up close and was able to see the image on the screen.

Here is what I have done so far:

-Tested standby voltage going to mainboard - voltage is present and good at 3.5V
-Tested voltages going to mainboard when tv is turned on - All lines are reading correctly.
-Those readings combined with the fact that I get an image on the screen leads me to believe that Main Board and TCON are good
-Tested voltages going to the LED strips and on both (+) terminals the voltage would jump up to 175V and then slowly drop down and come to rest at 80V , based on the voltage specs from the PCB it shows they should be getting 111V as I have the 50" model
-Testing both return (-) terminals shows that I was getting 0V on one and 22.5V on the other which would slowly drop to 8.0V
-Disassembled the TV right down to the backlights and discovered that one of the LED had shorted and burnt. Out of 6 rows only 3 rows were working.
-Purchased new set of strips from ShopJimmy and replaced all 6 rows of LED's
-Reassembled the I was very confident this was the issue (rookie mistake) and now when pressing the power button....I get a brighter flash and then backlights go out,
-Testing voltages from power supply board to LED's I now get 95V and 175V on the (+) terminals which slowly drops to rest at 80V and the (-) terminals have stayed the same
-Disconnecting the LED strips from the power supply board gives me close to 170V on both (+) terminals when the power button is pressed which slowly drop down to rest at 80V

I am thinking the issue does lie within the power supply board but not sure where to check first.

I really do not want to tear the TV apart again to make sure all of the LED's are lighting up but....if I have to, I have to, haha :)

TV Model - 50LN5310
Power Supply Board Model - EAX64905501

Please let me know.

Thank a bunch, all!

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