Question LG 60" Plasma TV - No Picture or Start Up Sound

Sep 24, 2021
Model Number LGPN5000.

Attempting to Troubleshoot the issue: no screen or startup sound

I plug the TV in. Red Standy LED comes on and stays on. I press the power button, it blinks 3 times and then goes off (the LED), TV is powered on. Screen does not light up or come on at all, looks the same as it does when it is unplugged – no start up sound either.

Power Supply Board: All of my capacitors appear to be fine. I checked continuity on both fuses and they are good. I tested voltage at the supply board with the TV plugged in and powered on. It appears that I have good voltage:

M5V = 5 volts
VA = ~55 volts
VS = 204 volts
VS = 204 volts

If I unplug the Y-Sus connector and power on the TV, it turns on and then shuts itself off within 5 seconds but still no picture or sound during the brief period it’s powering on. Is the Y-Sus board the culprit? If so, is there anyway to test to be sure? I’ve read that it’s recommended to replace the buffer board as well if replacing the Y-Sus, is that true?

If this is not the issue, what/how should I test next? Thanks!
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