LG DVD Reciever LH-775HTS not play HD Videos

Arman Mohammadi

Mar 3, 2015
hi i have LH-775HTS dvd playes for about 2 years and i have a very strange problem with it

it`s not support and show mp4 files so i always use a Avi ( xvid , Divx) for playing

the problem is when i convert my file with a size more than 704*height pixels the error message "this format is not support appeared and not played

and with the same format and the width 704 or lower the file will play without any problems !

i really need to play videos in high resolution Some times ( 1080 or 1920) , how can i do this ?

is this play really cant support these resolution in any format or i mistake in some way for play it ?

i cant believe this player cant run this when many very cheap dvd players can do this easily ...