Question LG G2, won't turn on, flashes red and restarts

Aug 3, 2021

To start off, I'd like to say im no expert with phones, I had phones mostly to call, watch videos and listen to music, and this is my first attempt at doing all the stuff I will be describing now.

From the beginning:

I bought a seller refurbished LG G2, which worked fine when I received it, I had to do some updates which my phone found automatically, and it ended at OS version 4.4.2.

I wanted to finally have a decent but cheap phone, however it couldn't play some games I wanted to play and thought "Maybe if I update OS to something new, it will work, and it looks better"

Here my journey to update the phone to Android 11 started.

I was looking at many different videos and guide and everything, how to root, first time I rooted was by accident, only later a better video instructed me how to do it properly, then I installed the trww or whatever its called. then it didnt work properly after using that recovery to install android 11, so I had to flash it to some old version I found for my device (My version is LG D802 btw). For some reason it now had only 11gb of space, instead of 32gb. Anyway, I tried installing root and twrw thing again. After getting root and the recovery program I clicked reboot in its options and now my phone is having an issue.

First off, I left it to charge over 9 hours. If its NOT connected via usb it does nothing, power button, volume buttons do nothing.

I tried connecting it to my phone to flash it, but nope, after few seconds it says my phone disconnected from the usb and try again, even tho it is connected and I can see in device manager that it's seen by my PC. Now, I tried to enter the download mode manually, and it worked.

It says that it's rooted and B0 above it (this number was going down over different roots, twrw installs and flashes and such, no idea what it is.

I tried to flash it again since Im in download mod, however now the main issue appeared. It goes well for 40% of the flash using the LG flash tool 2014, I can see the progress in the download mode on the phone's screen, however once it reaches that certain point it just resets and the program treats it as disconnected.

Now when I have the phone connected via usb it just flashes red between 1 and 3 times, LG logo shows up for several seconds, then it turns off, and repeats the whole process.

During the flashing, software instructed me to remove the batter and try again, so I looked up how to remove it, did it, put everything back together, and its still the same.

Please tell me what to do, I've already spent over 10 hours trying to fix it and I just bought this phone...
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