LG Home theater audio whistle issues


Jun 11, 2016
Hello. I've read the forum for years but this time I couldn't find a solution to the issue with my LG home theater speakers whistling like crazy.

I have the LG HT905TA with four tower speakers, one center speaker and a subwoofer connected to a Samsung LE46B530 46" LCD TV though an RCA cable.

It started when we brought the whole system home. At first it runs perfect then the center speaker starts whistling (this one is the loudest with the lowest pitch whistle.) after which the right front and rear speakers start a bit higher pitch screech. After a while the screech goes very loud, calms down a bit and stops only to start teasing again and again.

First I suspected an issue with the loose optic cable I had and switching to RCA cable calmed it a bit (or maybe not, im not sure anymore).
Then I tried plugging the home theater into a lone socket, didnt help.
The speakers whsitle even if there is no sound comming. (Tv or gaming console disconnected or shut off)

I've switched between speakers and audio cables and the problem stays in the right front and rear even with different speakers so it must not be a hardware issue. The center speaker ive kept unplugged since its driving me crazy.

Im frustrated and cant simply find the issue and its seriosly ruining movies, games and music.

What Ive realised is it must be the home theater device itself since ive switched and juggled with cables and speakers with only hearing whsitling coming from center, right and rear amd very quiet buzzing coming from the subwoofer.

I wish there is a wizard out there who could help me.

Thank you in advance.


Jun 11, 2016

Thanks for your time. Its relieving to hear an answer after battling with this issue since LG's customer support was no help. Ill get right on it. I suspected the HT device since the problem persisting like i descreibed. This being my first actual sound system of any sort I was just confused.

Thanks again :)
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