Solved! LG Home theater setup with PS4 and SKY Receiver

Dec 26, 2018
Hello guys,

i hope this is the right place and you can help me out:

I want to connect my ps4 and my sky receiver (for tv, movies, ...) to a home LG 5.1 home theater sytstem.
I tried almost everything with hdmi or/and toslink cables but i couldnt figure it out how to set it up.

These are the components that i have:

TV Samsung UE55F6510SS

Playstation 4 (first gen.)

Sky Receiver Sky+

LG 5.1 Home Theater

I know this isnt the knewest hardware, but i got the 5.1 as a present.

What is the cable setup that everything works with the 5.1?
Maybe some settings in the PS4 or the LG are wrong?
I already have a toslink switch ( but it only works with the SKY receiver!? Is there an easier way?
Is it possible to get 5.1 out of the playstation?

Thank You so much for your help!
Skybox and PS4 connect directly to the TV.
For playback the HDMI out of the HTS also connects to the TV. If both the HTS and the TV support ARC then plug it into the HDMI-ARC input and turn ARC on in the TV menu. That will now send video from the HTS to the TV and audio from the TV to the HTS.
If they don't then connect the TV optical audio output connects to the HTS as well.
Check the TV manual on how to use the optical output. You may need to turn it on and the TV speakers off.
You don't need an optical switch since the TV does it for you.
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