Question LG plasma turns clicks on then immediately off

May 4, 2020
Hi all,

I'm having a problem with my LG plasma's 10 yrs old and never had any trouble until this week it started randomly turning off. It's now progressed such that it won't turn on- now it just clicks on and then immediately clicks off.

I've read that it is often a capacitor that has gone bad. Is it possible to spot the bad capacitor ? I've included a pic of the board. I noticed a white flash/spark when I tried to turn it on while looking at the main this a tell-tale of what the issue may be?

Repair-wise if I could isolate what the problem is, are there places to order parts to replace? I'm a newbie with just basic soldering skills.. no skills regarding reading voltage etc.
Thanks for any help suggestions from a first time poster.
main board
LG model and yr of manufacture
main 2

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You usually can tell bad capacitors easily, the tops would be popped up or even cracked. Newer 55" TVs are not that expensive, especially if you buy a used one. Probably better to do that than to start buying new system and power boards to try to fix the TV.
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