LG Putting Tablet Development on Hold

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Jul 16, 2009
Ken Hong, a spokesman for Seoul-based LG, told Bloomberg in an emailed statement that the millions they spent on R&D for their latest tablet release have been wasted as the item they were working on is a POS compared to the Surface, so to avoid embarrassment he has backed out and denied working on it at all
Fixed that for ya!


Jan 10, 2012
Good Tablets are useless. Cant wait till we stop obsessing over them. They're like big giant phones that cant make calls and still have no keyboards.


Jun 4, 2008
[citation][nom]Tab54o[/nom]Good Tablets are useless. Cant wait till we stop obsessing over them. They're like big giant phones that cant make calls and still have no keyboards.[/citation]

I dunno, Surface looked pretty tempting.


The average Joe doesn`t need a computer, nor a laptop, nor a netbook. They just need a Tablet. They will never do Catia, Starcraft, Photoshop or else on a Tablet. All they want is to check their emails, browse, read & some word processing. People here needs to come back to earth and realize that WE aren`t the average Joe.


May 17, 2009
The problem with tablets is that they are meant to be "read". As soon as you need to type often, notebooks are still more comfortable.
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