LG Taking Pre-Orders for that Gorgeous Curved OLED TV

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Dec 31, 2007
"LG's new OLED TV design throws out the traditional flat-faced experience for a slightly conclave form factor." Conclave? Hmmm the pope factor.
Concave! LoL :)


May 7, 2011
This would be nice on one of those motorized tv stands at the foot of the bed, otherwise, I'm hard pressed to think this will work when you have friends over to watch the game and they sit on either side of the TV. Basically you have to be directly in front of the TV to truly enjoy it. I also agree with what other posters have said, make a 27" 1440P screen like this and they will basically sell themselves. MMMMMmm eyefinity with three of these is drool worthy :)


Jul 15, 2010
Certain types of LCD panels would benefit more from being curved because of poor viewing angles. Even then it would only benefit those sitting really close. I don't really see the point here. Curving an OLED would only seem to diminish its viewing angle, which is important for a large screen TV. Although from the picture, the curve looks to be so slight it is, again, pointless.
The only time it would make sense to me would be a 180 degree curved computer monitor.


Speakers in the stand? That is just genius. I wonder how many sets you would need to form a complete circle.
Not open for further replies.
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