LG TV (55UF6450) connecting surround sound to Pioneer receiver (VSX-530-K)


Jan 29, 2017
First post. In need of assistance. Tried searching the other questions on the forums but most don't have much detail.

I have an LG TV (55UF6450) that I am trying to connect to my Pioneer receiver (VSX-530-K). I am having difficulty getting the TV audio to play through the surround sound. I confirmed the surround works for the blueray player which is passed through the receiver and the tuner on the receiver pumps music through the speakers just fine. The TV I cannot understand why it is not working.

I have the HDMI input on the tv plugged into the ARC port and into the ARC receiving port on the receiver. I selected the audio option to play through the external speakers but instead I get silence. I

As far as I can tell I have all of the settings correct on the receiver as I can hear sounds through the other inputs. I have a newer HDMI cable so it should be able to handle ARC as well. Has anyone come across something similar or should I just start investigating using the digitial in/out inputs for the audio?


ARC has to be turned on in the TV. Check that.
If that doesn't work an optical cable will work just as well.
The next version of HDMI is supposed to support more reliable ARC functionality.


Dec 30, 2017
How were you able to resolve your issue? Experiencing similar issues. Was the solution below helpful?