Question LG TV, Onkyo Amp -> HDMI(ARC) works great for cable. Native apps, not so much

Jan 27, 2021
The central issue is getting audio to the amp while watching ANY native apps (Netflix, Amazon Prime...) All is well when watching cable, or, when watching an app, using the TV's speakers. I have SCOURED other threads here, read both manuals multiple times, made countless adjustments to the options within Onkyo's antiquated nested menus. I just cant get the optical connection to work under any circumstances. I checked the toslink cable; the tip glows red when connected to the TV. CEC functions work as well. I have not tried coaxial or component connections as that would really be a step back in audio quality I think.

When I select Netflix or other apps, the receiver immediately changes to "TV/CD" (from "CBL/SAT") but the audio stops. (And you can only look at the Onkyo onscreen menu when in CBL/SAT input so you have to make a change, exit the menu, change the input...GRRR!)

  • LG 65UN7300AUD TV
  • Onkyo TX-NR626 receiver
  • Spectrum cable/internet - Motorola set top box/DVR
  • Bose Accoustamass 5.1 speakers (old, passive subwoofer)
  • TV to AMP = HDMI 2 (ARC) and Optical out
  • Amp =
    • HDMI Out (Main) to TV,
    • HDMI in from cable box to CBL/SAT,
    • Optical from TV to optical in (only choice - "TV/CD")
I've tried turning off ARC and selecting optical as the only input in the amp and forcing the tv to optical audio only. Didn't work. Could it be that the optical input is bad on the amp? I've had it for years, but this is the first time I've every tried using an optical input.

An thoughts would be appreciated.
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