lightning struck house. Laptop will not start


May 21, 2009
hello. recently lightning struck my house and my laptop was in use when it happened. The laptop had no battery in it at the time and went out when the rest of the houses lights went out. The laptop booted back up fine however I noticed that the laptops ethernet port was no longer recognized(the laptop was plugged into an ethernet cable)
So I tried connecting through wifi however that too became unrecognized and my adapter settings page was blank. a minute later my computer blue screened giving PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error. I then tried turning the laptop back on to no avail.

I unplugged the laptop and all usbs attached to it and held down the power button for a minute. I then plugged it back in and immediately two indicator lights began blinking, my power button and bluetooth indicators. Also the dvd drive blinks rapidly, and the cpu and gpu fans periodically spin for a tenth of a turn and stop and a few seconds later attempt to spin and stop again. Ive never had indicator lights blinking just from being plugged in nor ever noticed my fans spinning just from being plugged in.

I have tried taking out the harddrive and ram to see if any of indicator pattern would happen but nothing, still power button and bluetooth. I have also tried taking the cmos battery out for several hours but the pattern remains the same.

is there anything else that can be done? I'm just going to assume my motherboard was fried.

the laptop I have is a clevo p170hm

thankyou for your time taken to help me