Question Line in audio from PS4/Monitor to laptop

Mar 25, 2020

Last year before lending my PS4 to someone, I used to be able to listen to the PS4 with my bluetooth headphones by plugging an aux cable into the controller and the other end into my PC. When I plug it in, the PC will ask what type of device it is and I set it to "Line In", and I was able to listen and control the sound levels in the regular volume mixer on Windows 10.

However, I just recently tried to do this again but it won't work- I have enabled "listen to this device" after plugging in, but it will only output the sound through the speakers on my PC, not the bluetooth headphones that I have connected to the PC. This is even if I have the default set to the bluetooth headphones.

Is there any other way I can troubleshoot this? I noticed that when I go to speaker properties, and go to levels, the "line in" slider bar only shows up in the pc speaker properties, not when I go to properties in the bluetooth headphones. I am not sure if it was this true last year when I was able to use it in this function.

I am using the same HDMI cable, same aux cord, same PC, same monitor (that connects to the PS4), the only difference is they are a different brand of bluetooth headphones. It is possible it is the bluetooth? I have tried using two different types of bluetooth headphones with the same results. I have also tried to reinstall the Realtek HD Audio Manager driver too.

Thank you for any help!
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