Links Occasionally Send Me to Malicious Links/Advertisements


Jan 18, 2014
I've been having an issue in Chrome (because I only use chrome, haven't tested if it occurs anywhere else) where if I click a link, ANY link it can take me to a random website.It happens usually every 1/10 links to 1/40 links. Even clicking on verified emails from Google, TwitchTv, Amazon, etc. can send me to unusual sites and if try clicking the exact same link again, it will send me to the correct site. Occasionally though, the site will be different and more persistant, I will get a google chat box on my screen that usually says something like: "WAIT! We have detected a virus on your PC and it needs to be repaired!" then a bunch of other spam and flashing ads. Clicking close will redirect me to the exact page very quickly making it so I have to open Task Manager to close Chrome out completely (alt+f4 and Ctrl+w did not work). I have McAfee which usually does a good job quarantining viruses, adware, trojans, etc. but I can't seem to find anything now. EDIT: Just got one that sent me to a website called Musix Search.