Linux distro for Thinkpad?

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Jun 15, 2015

just wondering if anyone has a suggestion on what distro might be good to put on my Lenovo(quad core, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, integrated graphics if I remember right. Has Windows 7, will dual boot)
On my main PC(Quad core, 32GB RAM, Geforce GTX 680, 2HDD's - 1SSD) I tried Debian(slow boot, Gnome 3 is confusing), Ubuntu(slightly faster boot, Unity is the devil), Mint (again slow boot, installed MATE desktop - not bad, but it refused to let me use my storage drive the way I wanted to), and last but not least Kali(fast boot, like the desktop)which was my favorite hands down and if I don't find another option I'll go back to that. My only complaint about it is that it did NOT take kindly to trying to install Steam >.<
Soooo, anyway any input would be appreciated :)

P.s.: I don't mind using the terminal, in fact that's mostly what I've used in every distro instead of GUI's but pls keep in mind the first time I laid hands on Linux was abt a month ago :p
I think every Linux version out there will run on a ThinkPad, I've tried a few over the years (RedHat, Ubuntu, Knopix, probably some others) all worked with the hardware with no issues.

Are you just looking for a Linux version to try or is the question specifically what runs on a ThinkPad?

You may want to check out some other forum areas to find a Linux version to try out, forums has a Linux section, more details that you will find on tomsguide.
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