Question Liquid Damage to Laptop (Help Needed)

Jun 26, 2021
Hi guys,

I'm looking for advice:

I spilt a shake onto my laptop whilst gaming. I did not turn it off immediately which was very dumb, as I was gaming the fans were spinning quite fast already and the liquid got into the system and whilst it didn't turn off, the display(and more I assume) stopped working.

I took it apart and dried it.

whilst the screen would not come back on the system does seem to power on.

-Immediately after plugging it in the laptop always turns on (even without pressing the power button). It can however be shut down by pressing and holding the power button.

-Both power and charging LED work but HDD activity does not.

-If the laptop does get hot the fans do kick in and cool the laptop. (so some of the board does work)

-All the lights are on on the keyboard and cannot be turned off using the hotkey.

-I can charge my phone off of the USB but my mouse led turns off when connected (like it would pre POST)

-The battery is detected and holds charge as the charging LED blinks orange whilst disconnected on AC and is solid white when connected.

From the above does anyone know what could be shorting/the problem? (I've already investigated the power button and that seems good).

I've done a teardown on all of the laptop but the keyboard (as the screws are too small) many times since to identify signs of corrosion/drink to clean it and try again to no improvement.

The majority of the board looked very clean with the exception of the heatsinks and some of the motherboard beneath the heatsink. I'm going to clean this as soon as I get some 99% alcohol. I should mention that it's not just the screen that isn't on, if that were the case I would be able to use the keyboard to extend the screen. Besides, much of the liquid went onto the keyboard so I believe the screen should be fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to do?

Is it worth going for repair?

The laptop is a G15-‎GA503QS


PSA: If you spill anything on your laptop first thing to do is turn it off ASAP.


If it's worth repairing, since chances are you need a new motherboard as a first step to troubleshooting, find out what that costs to replace and compare it to a full new or used working laptop of the same speed.
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