Live Broadcast Camcorder Query


Oct 21, 2015
Hello all. I was wondering if anyone on here could help. I belong to a local rugby club and we are considering the idea of streaming/broadcasting our live matches. At the moment we only record our matches via a couple of Sony HXR MC2500 camcorders. We are wondering what other camcorders are on the market that allow live broadcast direct from camcorder, via Firewire?? or similar.

Not being a 100% total tech, I am just wondering if anyone else has done this before and what equipment was used, ie camcorder, laptop, what form of broadcasting live via wifi or 4g and to what broadcasting platform.

We are not talking about thousands of pounds worth of a/v equipment, but some sort of camcorder within budget of around £1000

Appreciate all help given. Thanks



The only camcorders you can do live streaming with directly are older ones with Firewire or that can work with USB video streaming (a lot rarer than firewire). What you can do is use your existing camera and get a capture device for use with something like Ustream. You have a set of good cameras, would be a waste to not use them and your budged is not bad for what you want to use. The camera you have looks to have HDMI output.

With that budget, if you don't already have a laptop with a 3.0 USB port, you can easily get one.

Only thing is that is only for one HDMI input. You can get an HDMI source selector and swap between the cameras or get a dual input device like although for dual inputs you will need a high end version of streaming software to switch views. If you are OK with streaming just one camera view, will be a lot simpler and cheaper.

I've looked into streaming live pool matches, and have seen quite a few very good setups, and they cost quite a bit for switchable cameras and broadcast software, 10 times or more your budget of 1,000.
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