Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse - Connectivity issue

Aug 26, 2023
Let me begin by stating that it hasn't always been like this, it's a recent development. I use a Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse, the dongle is connected at the end of the cable provided with the packaging. Whenever I unplug the dongle to plug my mouse up when it's low on battery my cursor completely disappears. It will continue to be gone until I restart my computer despite plugging up the dongle, or going for a wired connection. If I start my PC on wired connection, then I have to stay wired and vice versa. I've tried updating firmware, but it's up to date. No other Logitech based software settings from what I can tell.

I do use a software for a custom mouse acceleration curve, but I haven't seen any postings for issues like this.

This is the link for the mouse acceleration software.


I appreciate any and all help, thank you.