Logitech Gives Mac Owners Dedicated Keyboard

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Dec 31, 2007
It's started and can't be stopped by Microsoft PC humpers. Look for many more Mac exclusive items by Xmas. With 66% retail computers sales and 70% laptop sales -- you can bet Logitech and other hardware value added companies are starting to produce more Mac only products.

These same companies can see the market numbers and realize there is indeed a profitable and very large market as fewer and fewer people are using Microsoft based computers at home.

Fortunately the Microsoft PC fanboyism found at Tom's is starting to weaken, if only these turds would actually buy a Mac so they could see the light. Here's a concept, if you have a question about anything on your Mac, you can go ask a "Genius" at an Apple store and they actually know what they're talking about. I find this refreshing compared to say walking into Fry's Electronics or BestBuy and watching the Employees scatter -- "oh no a customer", or worse yet getting advice from someone that knows nothing about PC's from Fry's Electronics (aka the green card company).

Just walk in any Mac store -- it's packed with people from open to close. Microsoft PC = Boxed wine, Mac PC = Silver Oak Cabernet. Tom's seems to be full of boxed wine drinkers or people with no money ... but if you have no money, there is probably a reason for that.


Aug 7, 2008
Its interesting how 'Mac lovers' like yourself always seem so condescending and elitist. Want to know why a lot of 'Microsoft PC fsnboys' (as you put it)are not all foaming at the mouth for Macs? One word: gaming.


If a Mac is a fine wine, I guess my PC is a microbrew. Go drink your wine, I will stick to my beer.



You know this keyboard and mouse was on pc long time ago right? Changing a few keys and leaving out the bluetooth adapter(for obvious reasons) is all they did.

Are you going to troll on every new mac item now?


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