Solved! Logitech Z333 subwoofer not detected correctly when speakers plugged in


Oct 26, 2017
Just bought the Z333 speakers with subwoofer. When I plug in the sub to the backpanel of my pc and leave the speakers unplugged my computer correctly detects my subwoofer for what it is but as soon as I plug in the speakers (via back of sub) my realtek manager automatically assigns my right speaker as the sub and neither the sub or the left speaker makes a sound during the 5.1 sound test.
Another interesting thing that happens is that if I assign the computers back panel connector to 'front speakers', the speakers work correctly but the sub doesn't make a sound. Any ideas what might be going on here and is there a fix?


Z333 speakers are 2.1, you are most likely setting the audio out on the motherboard to the wrong settings or you have it in the wrong jacks for normal use. There is nothing fancy that needs to be set for those, speakers go to sub, audio input goes to the speaker out on the motherboard, which should be configured for stereo output. Make sure the speakers are connected to the right ports on the sub.
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