Logitech Z506 Subwoofer only works on desktop


Nov 29, 2013
I've noticed a lot of reports of logitech subwoofers not working at all, but my recently purchased Logitech subwoofer seems to work only on the desktop. I run the Realtek software, test all the speakers and everything appears normal. But when I load a game, it doesn't seem to be on.

I know what this particular subwoofer should sound like as I've had this model before. I cranked the knob on the back to max out the bass, and I still can only barely hear bass. I should be able to feel it in my chest, but it's very underwhelming.

I also tried plugging the output into my phone to listen to music and the bass is just fine. Seems only to be a problem with games.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?


Sounds more like a SOFTWARE issue since the subwoofer is working on the desktop.

The ONLY things I can think of offhand are:

1) Make sure the drivers/software for it were installed correctly.

2) Cables all setup correctly

3) Setup properly as "5.1" Surround in Windows (make sure same if separate Creative software)

4) Choose "Default setup" when playing a game, but if that isn't working manually try 5.1


Nov 29, 2013
1) There are no drivers for these speakers, but I did uninstall and then reinstall Realtek Audio just to make sure it wasn't that.

2) Checked the cables a couples times, no issues.

3) Yep, it's set at 5.1 for sure.

4) The games I've tested out (Battlefield 3, Titanfall, etc.) are all properly set to work with these speakers.

Any other ideas? (I'm going to contact Logitech about this too)
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