Nov 24, 2015
Hey :pt1cable:
I am a computer science student. I do not only programm but also heavily use programs like Photoshop or Premiere Pro. I will buy a PC around 1000-1200 !Euros! at christmas

It can be around 15-17 Inches. Battery life should be decent, as good as possible without sacrificing anything else, performance is more important as ill plug it in most of the time.
I want to play Games too, At High settings.

An ssd would be cool. Storage should be enough for school and some games, but most of my stuff is at my nas and home desktop.

I dont need anything like cd(cd would be cool though) or blueray, but some usb slots are needed!
Id like to keep my laptop for some time.

Whats really important to me is that he is not loud. And i really only mean not loud, as my old HP pavilion dv7 was like a jet engine, it doesnt need to be super quiet.

Considering brands i really dont want to pay any money for some shitty name, but while i dont need any label/nice brand it should look good. Possibly not too big, at least smaller than a pavilion dv7.

Also do you have some tipps how to best manage files if you have an laptop and a pc?
I reaaaally appreciate any help, big thanks if i get some nice answers :D
Check out MSI, Asus, and Clevo. All offer good systems at reasonable prices; more so Clevo and MSI than Asus. All three have good build quality as well.

A few models to consider:

1. Clevo - N155RD, N170SD *Probably the best value*
2. MSI - GE62 Apache or GE62 ApachePro, GE72 Apache or GE72 ApachePro *Good looking and good pricing*
3. Asus - GL552VW or GL752VW *Probably the quietest and possibly will run the coolest*

You'll find various versions of each model with their own configuration. Shop around and see what you like.


Nov 24, 2015

These 3 came to my mind.
They are all sexy beasts, but i cant quite believe i dont get some disadvantage at other parts here.
Is Ram/Cpu/GRAKA equally good?
How long is their battery?
Are they loud?
Also thanks a lot, and why the hack is it so complicated to find a model? there are like 1000s versions of one name^^
EDIT: it seems like GL552VW has the better stats with the middle price of the 3, do you agree ?
CPU and GPU are not quite as powerful as desktop counterparts. Remember that nearly all laptops use lower voltage components compared to desktop parts, which tends to translate to reduced performance by comparison (done for the sake of reduced heat output and battery life).

I would avoid the GE60, by the way. Not a terrible system, but the casing does not feel as solid/sturdy as the GE62.

Battery life varies, but usually isn't very long (due to the i7 CPU). Conservative power plan might get you around 4 hours on those systems.

They can be loud. Asus systems do well in being fairly quiet. If you're putting a lot of stress on any of those laptops, though, you're going to hear them.

Ha! Yeah, the suffix changes depending on the hardware configuration (i.e. GL552VW-DH71 may have less memory and a slower hard drive than a GL552VW-DH74, for example).

The GL552VW you listed is the more powerful of those three systems, with it having the latest CPU and all. :)
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