Looking for a gaming laptop for college for around $1200.


Aug 7, 2015
I will be attending my first year of college very soon and am in need of help of finding a laptop that will last me through at least 4 years. My budget is $1200 but I can be a bit flexible if I must.

What I'm looking for:

-A laptop that will be able to play even the intense games that will come out in the future on high settings at least, in other words POWERFUL. (Games like Witcher 3, LoL, Gmod, etc.) I play a wide variety.

-Can remain relatively cool even during intensive gaming sessions, so I might need a dual fan. (In my experience even LoL makes my computer hot with a single fan. HEAT IS AN ISSUE (this is a priority in my book).

-Lightweight, for travel purposes of course, I'm looking for about 5 pounds.

-Battery can sustain on its own for about 5 hours or more if I'm not gaming, since I'll most likely only take it out for educational purposes.

-Quality display(15.6" at least) and sound. IPS is preferred although I don't really know the difference seeing as how I only recently discovered this term, if someone can explain how good it is that would be great.

-intel i7 4th or 5th generation

-graphics card can vary, but I would prefer it to be an nvidia 900 series or equivalent.

I've already looked up a few:


This is a gigabyte p55w, but I am a bit skeptical on this one as I have never even heard of this company, but the specs seem rather good. A wee bit past my price range but still affordable.


This MSI laptop is currently my top contender, but I know little about the company and the display is not IPS so I'm not sure on this one either. This is a bit heavy on my price range, but if it's worth it I'll get it. Also, I believe the MSI laptops I have listed are the only ones with dual fans which make them very tempting.


This is also an MSI laptop but slightly cheaper so I think it's worth considering but I don't know if this can be considered a good deal or not.

P.S. I also looked into the lenovo y50, but my research has led me to believe that I shouldn't get it.

P.P.S. I forgot to mention that I do have a laptop cooler, but my current laptop's keyboard still gets hot despite my efforts which is why I believe a dual fan is necessary.

Aside from these 4 that I know of the MSI laptops are at the top of my list, I ask that anyone that comes across this question can share some of their expertise with me. Do you believe any of these are good? Do you know of a laptop that I have not mentioned that fits all of my requirements, or is perhaps even better? Please share with me all of your thoughts.
Go for the Apache Pro with the GTX 970M. The display may not be IPS, but MSI is known for using some of the best TN panels available. MSI laptops are generally well built, with easy access to all the innards in case you want to clean the fans or repaste the GPU/CPU without disassembling half the laptop.
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