Looking for a good gaming laptop


Oct 15, 2012
I have about $2,300 to spend at most (not including taxes)

It needs to be a laptop as I am on the go ALL the time. I know desktops can be bought for less, with better specs. But I need mobility.

I am looking at a good laptop with an i7 and a good dedicated gpu.

I need an i7 due to video and audio work. and good gpu to supplement the cpu and for gaming.

Games I play are Sims 3, Sims 2, Command and Conquer Kane's Wrath, Diablo 3, Wold of Warcraft.

Looking at the Columbus, Ohio Microcenter. I used to have a Samsung Series 7 Gamer and it didn't last me very long. After 2 warranty repairs on CPU and GPU it is out of warranty and the GPU is failing again.

This is where I am searching as it's close to me and I am in need of something soon. http://www.microcenter.com/search/search_results.aspx?N=4294967288+4294916010&NTX=&NTT=&NTK=all&sortby=pricehigh

I have been eyeballing these 2 laptops:




Would it be worth the difference in price between the specs?

The first one is an Asus G750 and has 12GB Ram, a single 750GB HDD and GTX 770M 3GB Gddr5 gpu, DVD-R/W Drive

The second one is an MSI GT70 and has 16GB Ram, 128GB mSATA HDD and 750GB HDD with a GTX 780M 4GB GDDR5 Gpu, Blue-ray drive. I do watch a lot of Blue-rays.

Both have an i7-4700 from the looks of things.

My biggest thing is, is it worth the price difference for the performance differences on GPU and such?

I would rather not spend all the money and if the differences won't be too much I can always upgrade ram and SSD and most likely I would have money left over?

After my fiasco with the Samsung, I would like input on a new system, overall build quality, performance and such.

Please help and thanks for the help!