Looking for a good porable hard drive enclosure setup


Jun 27, 2008
Hi all,
I recently became worried about space on my laptop and I decided that the best choice is to make a portable hard drive. I'm not sure on what parts are good for such a configuration as I tend to travel a bit. If possible I would like e-sata and USB 2.0 although if this were to happen I'd need to get a e-sata adapter...
Well, I looked at some parts and I'm unsure because I'm treading in uncharted territory. I seem to like:

I'm not sure which one would do better/last longer.
I'm unsure about e-sata adapters as this will be my first one. Also unsure about enclosures and I don't want to mess that up because from what I hear choosing the right one is important. Much help needed and appreciated.


There's little difference between the drives other than brand preference. In my experience, I would choose the Seagate drive. But...there really isn't much reason behind it, I've just seen more Hitachi's break. That doesn't mean that one will.

As far as enclosures go, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How much are you going to move this thing around? Are you going to set it in a place where it doesn't get much air? Should you get one that is prepared to take a beating and still protect the drive inside?

Also, e-SATA cables should be provided in the enclosure packaging. I don't know what you mean by adapter, but you need a computer that has an e-sata port in order to use it.


Jun 27, 2008
Well I'm planning on taking it to school often for studies and work. I tend to travel and go around the city out for extended periods so it might have to stay in a pocket or in my backpack. Although, when I have to do work at home, it will sit on the table with my laptop and will be properly aerated. So I would need one that would be durable enough to take a beating and yet portable enough to fit in a pocket or backpack without using much space. As for the adapter, I'm looking for something like this but when I looked on newegg, too many came up and I'm beginning to doubt I will make the right decision.
I'm looking for something like:

Do you mind referring me an enclosure if possible?
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