Looking for a home theater system


Jun 14, 2014
My Jerry rigged 20 yr old home theater system has finally come to its maximum life point and I need help figuring out what to look for in home theater system.

I really like a loud bass, one that makes you jump from your chair when a scary part jumps at you in a movie or when your playing music it really kicks hard. I plan on having speakers spread out throughout 2 rooms (the rooms are small but basically converge into 1)

I'm not really sure what I should be looking for in a home theater system. I'd like to get a really nice system,not something that's thousands of dollars but something that's under $700.

If anybody has any suggestions on a specific home system or tips I greatly appreciate it
Given you price range it is kind of tough to do an entire system. If your current speakers are satisfactory then I would suggest that you start by upgrading your receiver and then subwoofer.
An entry level Onkyo receiver should give you the newer functions that your old receiver lacks. You don't need a huge amount of power in a small space.
The kind of bass you want is hard to get at a low price without a blotted boomy sound. Paradigm makes some excellent subwoofers but the one you want is the DSP3100 with the optional ARC room correction kit.
but that alone is more than your budget. The ARC gets you deep powerful flat bass that has plenty of slam but doesn't produce a one note bass thump. It plays notes. No other manufacturer has this level of room correction tech built into the sub. The bass is not just about the sub but is equally about how the room affects the sub.