Question Looking for a KVM for a 4k TV-as-monitor setup

Oct 30, 2023
Current setup:

  1. MSI GL75 9SDK laptop, with x1 USBC port, x1 HDMI port
  2. MacBook Air M2, with x2 thunderbolt ports
  3. iPad Pro 10", x1 lightning port
I currently use a USBC to lightning cable to connect the ipad as an external display to whichever laptop I have to use.

I'm planning on getting a 4k 42" TV as a monitor to replace the ipad as a second display. I'm now looking for a KVM switch that I can connect to the tv via HDMI, and connect both laptops to the KVM switch via the USBC on the MSI and the thunderbolt on the MacAir.

I want to use the USBC and thunderbolt ports on the laptops because the cables are more manageable than HDMI cables.

Can anyone recommend a switch that will work for this specific setup?