Looking for a low budget gaming laptop

Jul 4, 2018
I am new to gaming on pc and i want A laptop at around 500 that can run cs go, minecraft, terarria and fortnite i have read millions of budget gaming pc but they sucke'd so please help and i am planning to start a youtube channel.


A $500 budget for a laptop to play games with is pretty limited especially if you are looking to buy a new laptop. Excluding any sales or promos, the least expensive laptop with a dedicated GPU is $600 for an Acer laptop with a quad core i5-8250u CPU and nVidia mx150. Below $600 means you are restricted to integrated graphics. Additionally, the least expensive laptop with a quad core i5-8250u and the integrated Intel UHD 620 will cost $510.

CS:GO, Minecraft and Terraria have pretty low graphics demands so the Intel UHD 620 should be able to play those games. Perhaps not at 1080p with max settings and still have good performance, but using medium settings should generally mean good performance in those games. Fortnite is a different matter. It is not a very demanding game compared to a lot of other games out there, but it is definitely the most demanding of the 4 games listed. The article below can walk you through how to get Fornite to run using Intel UHD 620.


If you want laptop for $500 with a dedicated GPU, then you need to consider older laptops that are either used or refurbished. Additionally, if you want to record footage while playing games then expect to take a performance hit because recording video is CPU intensive.



Dec 15, 2017
Well, on the new market there is nothing really that would qualify as a gaming laptop. Everything in the price range has low end graphics. EVERYTHING.

If you can somehow get up into the $500 to $600 price range you start getting into the lower end of laptops that could be considered for gaming. In this price range there are a couple laptops with Ryzen 5 CPUs and Vega 8 GPUs or i5 CPUs with NVidia MX150 graphics. These GPUs are really close to GT 1030 levels of performance, which is the lowest end of new GPUs... BUT they will play the games you want with acceptable settings. You really need to get into the $700 to $800 range for something that could be considered a gaming laptop.

That probably wasn't very helpful, but good luck with the channel.
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