Looking for a new projector. New to it all and know nothing.


Jun 20, 2012


First off, I hope that I am posting this in the correct place. If not, I apologize in advance and I hope an admin will steer me in the right direction.

I am brand new to projectors, screens or anything that has to do with putting up a "theater". I put theater in quotation marks because really, I would like to be able to move the projector and the screen outdoors to watch movies and sporting events, both in the evening and during the day. I would like to game on it (PC and console), too. I will either like a portable screen, or I will have a separate one for indoor and outdoor. I am coming from a 65" HDTV 1080p, so I would like to projector to have a 1080p output resolution. I am guessing it would have to be really bright, as well.

I have been doing some research and there seems to be 2 different type of projectors, LED and bulbs. I would mind LED because of the long bulb life. My budget for everything is $1000, but I would like to stay below that, if I could.

I really have no idea what to do, or even what to look for. I would greatly appreciate any and all help. Thank you in advance for reading and offering all suggestions and advice.

The thing about a projector is that you need a near completely dark environment for them to look good.
You will also not get a good quality one for that price range, you would need to spend closer to $2000 on the projector alone to get a good one that is truly HD (not 1280x800), led, and > 1500 lumens. Then you need to get the screen and quality makes a difference here as well.
You would get a better picture putting that $1000 into a tv over a projector.

In short: Big screen, quality, affordible - Pick 2

If you could get a awesome 110" projector setup with quality on par or better then an LED tv for $1k with no major drawbacks, then everyone would have this setup over a TV for their living room or man cave.


Feb 24, 2015
I have a DLP I could sell you for cheap! just pm me. It's a dell 1610 HD projector that runs at WXGA and i'm almost positive it has 3d as well. It is extremely bright (3500 lumens). I bought it for $650 on amazon for an office. We had to liquidate and didn't use it for more than ten hours. It doesn't have a remote but for $500 I'll ship it to you and i'll include two bulbs, a vga cable, and a power cord!
You would not be able to use any projector outside in daylight. At night is fine. This Epson would fit the bill
you can
A screen like this would work as it is portable:
Yes if you had more money you could be a better picture but this will look at least decent and give you a movie size screen not a big TV.
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