Looking for a projection screen and projector for home theater and gaming


Aug 7, 2013
i have researched this a lot and cannot not decide on anything due to reviews or price
and never owning one before

now this is for my attic since that is were my room is
so i need a projector on a tripod and is able to adjustable width and height i do how ever want 80-120 inches width the height o idea i would estimate around 45 inches or so including the tripod so adjustable would be best

i need it to be able to produce 80-120 width connect to my PC i use media player classic to watch my DVDs and Blu-rays so i can re-size the picture to the screen
and not a big deal but i would like to have 2 HDMI ,1 VGA, DVI,1 component cable/rca
just a preference if not its fine at least 1 HDMI is required and a audio out/in for my receiver

price point no more then 400$ would like to stay around 200-300$ though

now again a personal preference i would like 120 Hertz for my gaming purposes like on steam and so on

thanks in advanced xD


Yeah, not going to happen. You're not likely to find a HDCP compliant (1080p/720p) projector for under $600. Beyond that, the display image size is going to depend on the "throw distance", or the space between the projector lens and the display screen.

Head over to http://www.projectorcentral.com and do some research on projectors in your price range.

-Wolf sends



Aug 7, 2013
thanks for the reply- xD

i found



^this one seems like it would work with my distance- the site u gave me says it will go to about 80 inches width 45 inches height and 92 inches diagonal so that seems good

as for throw distance my room is kinda short do to ceiling best i can do is maybe 10 feet the most

also i can always wait to next payday so i can get a better one

welt let me know what you think
Sep 3, 2014
I am not big fan of old technology which harms nature using mercury and also harms you pocket more in name of changing the projector lamp every year. The whole world is getting more and more conscious about eco friendly products.

Find good LED Projector, I suggest to check C5D - check this link two links http://www.aliexpress.com/store/300840

Care for nature, use eco friendly products.
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