looking for a slim/light/portable weight gaming laptop



Hi, im about to buy a new gaming laptop that will be good for Uni\School and gaming, here are the req.

I7 quad core
At least 8gb ram
Preferable ssd and hdd
GTX 950 minimum
Under 1800 AUD

Ive looked into msi ge62 which is slightly portable it is $1550 which is cheap and good specs but not that portable.
Specs are 8gb ddr3 ram, i7 4th gen, 128gb ssd and 1tb hdd, gtx950.

I also found an Asus gl552 ($1600) which is about same weight at msi ge62 but different specs: i7 6th gen, 16gb ddr4, 1tb hdd (no ssd) and gtx 960.

Can someone tell me which one to buy or recomend me a lighter one under $1800 australian dollars☺