Looking for a streaming microphone


Sep 20, 2013
I am looking for mainly a microphone first. I want one that is under $100 and will do great for voice quality for twitch streams. I'm not looking for music studio quality just streams. I've looked at the Blue Yeti and I like it but is it worth it? It has a headphone jack and I this is something I want to touch on. I don't know how but I want to be able to listen to my sound in headphones. Like computer sound output so my mic doesn't pick up the sound from speakers and I would like a feedback from my voice. If I want to do that I can't go with a USB headset correct? I'm very clueless on microphones and have many questions. I would like to go cheaper than a Blue Yeti but if that mic is what I must get I will. Also I sit about 2 feet from my monitor and I want the mic to hang over the monitor so I want the mic to be able to pick up from there. Sorry for the long post just have a lot of questions.


Apr 29, 2013
It does indeed have zero-latency headphone monitoring. Two feet isn't terribly far, and the mic has gain control so it should be good.
That said, my knowledge of microphones is rather basic. I couldn't tell you what comparable/cheaper models to consider.

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