Looking for a tablet recommendation


Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a tablet. Here's my set of requirements:

1. Must run android or Linux
2. Battery must last at least 4 hours
3. ~$500
4. Screen size ~7" or so, perhaps larger
5. I do not care how much it weighs
6. I do not care how thick it is
7. 8-16GB is plenty, but the more the merrier.

I would also like:

1. A physical keyboard integrated with the unit (not detachable)
2. USB port and some kind of video output. I'm assuming VGA is not an option, HDMI is fine, but I would prefer not to have to use some kind of mini-HDMI converter.
3. SD would be nice
4. It to use a standard USB cable for connection to a PC/charger

I will mainly be using the tablet for marching band instruction. Other than that everything I do is command line and I'll just be using it as a terminal. Is x86 even an option, or is everything ARM?


VP, Global Community
Jan 5, 2010
ARM is pretty much your choice nowadays. Though if you are going to be outside for extended periods of time doing marching band stuff, you wouldn't want anything else due to battery life considerations. Like lauren above, best recommendation would be a Google tablet. Nexus 7 or 10 would likely fit your purposes, despite having a touch-keyboard. You could couple it with a bluetooth keyboard for more prolonged use at a desk, but since mobility/agility is likely an issue, you'll want the touch keyboard for sure. The convenience vs. handling is a pretty big trade-off there.

Hope this helps!