Avi Desai

Feb 20, 2015
Would like a laptop on which I could play AAA games without any "hiccups", do moderate video and photo editing, and use for school, all for under $800.

Minimum Specifications:

- At least 8 gb ram

- Quad core processor (Intel i7, AMD A8 or A10)

- 14" or 15.6", preferably 15.6 inches.

- Backlit Keyboard is a priority.

- At least 750gb HDD. (SSD is fine too).

- Windows 7 or 8, dont care.

- Decent NVIDIA or AMD graphics that can run games like BF4, FC4, COD, Left 4 Dead, and CS: GO, on medium settings, very smoothly.

- Finally, would like a price point of under 800 USD.

;) :wahoo: