Looking for good gaming laptop under $300

What are your expectations? What does "good gaming" mean?

Typically people looking for a decent gaming laptop that can play most games at 1366x768 resolution with medium graphics quality spend around $600; give or take.

No specs are listed. You need to contact the seller and ask him to provide the model number and the specs of the laptop. Like what quad core CPU, what graphics card, what screen resolution. Lastly what price is he asking for?
Well it will be better than your 2002 laptop. However, that is not a "gaming laptop" the Radeon HD 8400 is rather weak for an integrated graphics cores. Especially considering that integrated graphics are weak to begin with when compared to dedicated graphic chips.


Mar 7, 2015

HP ProBook 6455b.. Both of my teenage boys play world or warcraft and diablo on these laptops just fine. I am fairly certain they even have the graphics turned up.