Looking for headphones for Gaming / Casual use recommendations


Nov 9, 2017
Hi so I would have just searched for another thread normally however I wanted to make it personal.

So I'm from Australia so I use AUD and I'm looking for a pair of headphone after using gaming sets most of my life on pc. The pair I used before asking this was a pair of Gamcon 788 and i guess I liked them due to price and they were light on the ears. The headset I'm looking for is a good casual use headphones for gaming, movies and basically all around headphones.

My budget is around $150 and i've been looking on reddit headphones for a while and came to conclusion on a pair of headphones which is a pair of SHP9500 and a Boom mic.

Apparently these have a tonne of recommendations however the total cost is $100 USD which cost around $160 aud including shipping. I'm wondering if there is anyone who owns a pair of these whether it's worth paying $160 for these when I live in Australia? if there are any recommendations or advice about maybe even buying an amp I would love the advice

True Buie

Aug 29, 2016
Heyo rickyfarquhar

First of all. The SHP9500's are totally worth the price you're paying. A great sounding headphones, which I would compare to Sennheiser's HD650's, but with more treble. Some people really enjoy that aspect off them, however I find them a little too bright for hours upon hours of listening. They're super comfortable and weighs nothing. Might look a little dumb on the head, but whatever. This isn't a beauty contest.

For other recommendations..

I haven't checked prices, only taking this from the top of my head.
A pair of Audio Technica ATH-M40X's. Great headphones as well. Using them myself for transit to and from work. Sound great, however I personally think it's a must to change out the pads with something like the Brainwavez HM5 pleatherpads. Sturdy as hell and has great neutrality.

Some Status Audio CB-1's could also be an option. All around a fine headphones for its price. The only real complaint I have about it that it doesn't close underneath my ear. This is not a problem for all people, but one with me. It has fine midrange, good bass response and not too bright highs.
There's also the open-back version of the CB-1's. The OB-1's. Haven't tried these, however I'd believe these would compare to the CB-1's but with more soundstage and a little less bass.

For amps. The Fiio e10k is great little AMP/DAC which will drive pretty much any headphone, which isn't ridiculous with its impedance (600+). Used this myself with my older Sennheiser HD650's and they sounded amazing on that.



Sep 19, 2015
I recommend the HyperX Cloud Alpha. They provide excellent sound quality and are durable. 7.1 is a gimmick and this headset doesnt have the feature but stereo sound is way better
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