Oct 27, 2015
Disclaimer: My search for laptop is a bit more difficult than others I think.

Ok, firstly thank you to anyone for helping me, really appreciate it.

My requirements:
*****Light weight below 2kg best 1.5kg

****Longevity of the laptop should be more than 3 years

***More than 10h battery life (just in case but please find a laptop that can last that long. I know for myself most laptop last ~5-7h)

***1080p IPS anti glare screen ( it's a must for me)

**Very good keyboard ( my college course cause me to type a hell of a lot)

*More than 256gb of storage (college purposes)

*More than 8gb of ram (college purposes)

Below USD$1500 (I hope it possible)

Must have optical drive (college purposes)

Back-lit (would be great to have)

Strong build and material (I am kinda careless sometime and live is fast-paced so yea...)

Sizes of the laptop doesn't matter 14-15 inch is fine, no big deal.

Asterisk* means more priority to it.
More Asterisk, more priority.

The rest are still mostly required, hopefully possible. As I know many lightweight laptop /ultrabook do not have optical drive.

If you need more information ask me, no private stuff.(seriously is it necessary) Anyway, all I need is a laptop to get my college life over with.

PS: more replied, the better so I can make a decision.

PPS: I have my eyes on the Lenovo Thinkpad T series FYI.