Looking for mic headphones that have good audo and mic that is ok/good quality


Jul 31, 2013
Hello guys and girls. For a few days now I've been watching and reading about headphones, their options and quality and i have to say i'm lost or confused about what is good and not and need your help choosing headphones.
Wired wireless doesn't matter (if wired, it would be nice if the cord could be changeable in cause of defect, So i think it should have that, or repeatability.) great sound and good/ok mic quality is a must. rgb lights would be nice but can be neglected (still cool though, but some looks would be nice). read online reviews:
Steelseries Siberia 150 but some reviews say that steelseries have bad audio quality compared to others.
the Cougar Immersa 300H, what doesn't seem so good in mic quality.
Plantronics GameCom the cushions are textile and would heat up quite fast.
There is a huge hype around Kingston Hx Cloud 2
Thought about the Steelseries v3 prism too
They say Roccat Knave is also very nice.
etc etc...
It's confusing.
My limit is about 100€ +/-.
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