Looking for product: amplifier/volume adjustment unit?


Jun 24, 2013
Hi everyone,

Not sure whether to put this in Computer peripherals or here, but I'm looking for a product that is like an amplifier (that allows you to play sound louder than the original source puts out, which is my PC in this case) but at the same time has a knob for adjusting volume, that can rest beside me at my desk for convenient volume adjustment. I'm looking for a unit that looks nice as well. A built-in bass or even a treble knob, would be a plus. So input would be 3.5mm jack / dual rca and the output 3.5mm jack (preferred over having to use an adapter from dual rca).

If anyone knows about such a product, I'd be delighted to know!

PS. For it to have a microphone passthrough would be a huge plus actually.

Thanks in advance!
You could use a board as a starting point
The input and output connectors would not be hard to change, you could wire a mic passthrough, and put it in a case of your choice.
Or find a used audio preamplifier with tone controls. They would all use RCA jacks though.
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