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Jan 22, 2019
I am using the x10 modules to control my lamp modules for years and have just added the Alexa “Dot 3ed gen” which activities “ by voice “ my other lamps with the kasa smart plugs which is great, but this is my question, There is a way to use my iPhone and Alexa to incorporate my x10 devices that I can cut on/ off and dim remotely from my iPhone.....from long articles I am reading thus very confusing about some sort of interface.... please “in lamons terms” tel me what is the simplest way to accomplish this without having a computer running, Being fairly intelligent “ or so I thought”I really need this broken down for me as have read other people are facing the same issue.. Your articles are always informative and very well explained as welcome your needed help on my issue. Rick In NC
I have also read some complex ways to use X-10 with Alexa but I think there is a simpler way.
If you have an X-10 IR interface similar to this one
You can use a Logitech Harmony Hub to send IR commands to it. Since the Hub is controlled by their app and Alexa skill you should be able to make it work without too much hassle. Logitech should have the X-10 IR codes in their database.
If you get the Hub extender you can transition away from X-10.
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