Looking to buy a laptop - about $2,000 budget

Jay Plorer

Sep 1, 2014
Country of purchase: Canada

Budget range: $1,500 to $2,500

Purpose: Running complicated excel documents (multiple sheets that pull data from the web - I am learning to program and I want something that can handle data collection), watching good quality movies, Gaming (EVE Online), and video editing.

Screen size preference: 13 to 15 inches

OS preference (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows or Mac

Gaming requirements (example games and desired fps/settings): EVE online/60fps

Other performance requirements : Video editing

Brand preferences and reasons: None. My last laptop was a Mac

Which of the following qualities would you prefer? (Choose one, two, or balanced)

Long battery life -vs- Low weight -vs- High performance: Long battery

Build quality -vs- Low price -vs- High performance: Build quality and High performance

Low noise/heat -vs- High performance: Balance

Which features would you pay a premium for?

High resolution screen: Yes

A great keyboard: Yes

A great touchpad/mouse buttons: Yes

Great audio: No