Looking To Buy A Tablet? Start Here.

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Answer these questions and we will help you pick out the ideal tablet.

1. Is This Your First Time Buying A Tablet? Yes / No.

2. Do you already have an operating system in mind? If so specify (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows RT, Windows 8, etc)

3. What screen size do you have in mind? And your preferred resolution (not required but helps)?

4. Preferred Brand(s) - (ex. Microsoft, Samsung, Asus, Apple)

5. Brands Not Preferred (specify why) (ex. Hannspree, Acer, etc.)

6. How much do you want to spend on your tablet?

7. Do you have cellular service? Or do you want the tablet to be WiFi only?

8. If you do have cellular service, who is your provider and how much data are you allowed per month?

9. Do you want the tablet to be a full laptop replacement?

10. What existing apps do you use? What do you intend to do with this tablet?
Not open for further replies.