Looking to buy my First 4K tv, but a bit confused as a newbie??


Aug 25, 2017
Hi guys...I'm from India and looking to buy a TV and these are the ones i have shortlisted- LG 49UJ752T & Samsung UA50MU6100. Priorities are 4k tv within screen size 48" / 49" / 50" . The price range of the TV's i mentioned is around 2000-2200$.(converted indian rupees to dollars)

1)Out of the above 2 which one do you guys think is a good TV option{ or if anyone has a better suggestion other than these two, please do share :)}

2) I want to know whether it supports H.265 or x265 video codecs for both TV’s, couldn’t find H.265 codec mentioned in their list. And also what type of HDR support is best, both brands are having different HDR.

3) A general query- Is it possible to disconnect the TV from Wifi once its been setup? Because one reason is that my modem will be on the 1st storey and the TV on the ground floor. And also i wont be using any of the smart apps but i heard that the TV manufacturer will send regular updates just like a PC.

4) Is it possible to connect my Dell laptop with the TV using HDMI cable? Because i read in some posts in google that connecting laptop with TV it should match with the config like graphics, or it will result in lag or freeze.

Pardon me....This is my first 4k TV buy, i previously had a Tube LG TV for over a long period, never bought a LCD/LED smart tv before. Forgive me if my questions are basic type. I don't know whether you guys are region specific because i tried to find reviews or review sites related to my region but there was none. :/

Hugely Appreciate if anyone who reads this message could help me out


Go online and find the User Guide/Manuals for each candidate TV.

Download and save.

Read the manuals while pretending you are setting up the TV.

Go step by step - you may discover both pros and cons with respect to both products.

Visit LG's and Samsung's FAQs and Forums. See what other user's are asking about or complaining about.

See how LG and Samsung are responding. May be good or bad.
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