Looking to replace School/Work Laptop


Feb 27, 2016
HI all, I'm looking to get a new notebook to replace my current One. As the title says my old one was for School and work, served me well but I have a new job now and I'm gonna be on the road a lot so I'm Looking to upgrade and decided to splurge a bit and give my old one to my pops since his 10 year old notebook finally died out. I'm looking for one that has:

1. Good Storage
2. 17.3 inch screen
3. Good cooling.
4. Can Run Total War Warhammer and Warhammer 2 at or near max settings, I recently got hooked on the first one and already got the 2nd one but since I'm gonna be on the road a lot I'm gonna be away from my desktop, so i'd like a notebook that can run it.

my budget is $2,000 to $2,500, that includes for the Warranty, shipping and tax. I'm looking forward to your suggestions, thanks in advance.
My favorite site for gaming laptops is www.xoticpc.com There are a ton of system to pick from and you can customize it with them for things such as drive used, thermal paste used, RAM, extra doo-dads, etc...