Lost Wireless function on laptop


Aug 5, 2009
My wife's laptop does not recognize that it has wireless capability. She has used it in various WiFi areas and now it doesn't even acknowledge that it has WiFi. The light is on saying that it is on but other than that I can not find it in the Internet Options. Any ideas?


Jul 29, 2009
Check if your wireless connection is present in Network Connections.
For Vista go to : Start->Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center->Manage network connections.
For XP go to : Start->Control Panel->Network Connections.
If you don't find it there, check if you can see the wireless adaptor in the Device Manager under Network Adaptors. The Device Manager can be accessed from Control Panel. If the wireless adapter is greyed out just right click it and click enable. If you can't see the wireless adapter then try the option "Scan for hardware changes" under the "Action" menu.
If it still doesn't detect your wireless adapter then it's a hardware problem and you need to get the physical adapter checked. It could have got damaged due to overheating or some other issue.



Hi i have a similar issue but the blue wirless light is ON on my laptop case and i do show that I am connected but when I try to connect to a web page i get an error at the lower left screen that says
waiting for res://ieframe.dll dnserrordiagoff.htm

i just updated my driver for my wireless adapter and it stwill does not help. I can tho get online via wired. this only happened a few days ago after i had a virus/malware issue and ran lots of software to get rid of it

any idea what the error message means? hp tried to help me but basically told me to reformat :( and dlink told me its a hw issue which i do not think it is (i have two other laptops in the hosue that have no problem to connect via wireless). I do have a questwion for experts tho...why is my IP addresss different when i go to start run cmd ipconfig
different ip for wired ethernet and different for wireless. is that a hint? I really have no clue just thought i would mention.

Thanks much