Question low fps moments with distorted audio (HP 15-DW2006NL)

Jun 15, 2021
hi, I've got this issue that present itself after some time I've been using some not too heavy games (star wars battlefront and war thunder on medium/high settings); substantially what happens it's that during the game, my fps suddenly drops to 5/8 from the initials 50/60 and the audio gets distorted and laggy.
My laptop (HP 15-DW2006NL) has an I7-1035G7 @ 1.30GHz Ice Lake 10nm Technology, a 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce MX330 and 8 GB of RAM.
I've thought it could have been the CPU going into thermal throttling since the temperature was always around 60 degrees and never above 68/70 degrees (and the GPU around 5/10 degrees less compared to the CPU), but looking up on the internet it seems that it happens around 100 degrees, which my pc has never got to (I'm using an application called "Speccy" to see the CPU temperature since the task manager doesn't show it).
trying to put graphic settings of these games on lower levels only seems to the happening of this "low fps state" instead of getting rid of the problem.
what's the problem?
thanks in advance
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